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Stop rust & corrosion permanently

Automotive Applications

Fertan® Canada provides high-tech rust solutions for the automotive industry and trusted by auto manufacturers worldwide. 

classic car restorationFor All Your Automotive Rust Solutions

FERTAN’s research and development has put a lot of effort in developing rust removal and coating products, which adapt to a high standard requirement of classic vehicles.

FERTAN works closely with auto service and repair shops to develop innovative products that not only solve the rust problem but prevent it in future too.

Car Care Products

Minimum Effort. Maximum Results!

View the Fertan line of rust inhibitors, removers, prevention and protection products and application tools. 


Dealer Inquiries Welcome.

Tank Restoration / Cleaning Kit - always follow complete instructions and have plenty of ventilation. 

Tank repair kit

rusted tankIf you‘re looking for a reliable tank sealer that will keep your fuel tanks in top condition, look no further than FERTAN Tank Sealer. This powerful sealer is perfect for steel and aluminum fuel tanks, petroleum or fuel oil tanks, ships‘ ballast tanks, and water tanks. No matter what kind of tank you need to seal, FERTAN Tank Sealer will get the job done right.

FERTAN Tank Sealer is also perfect for coating heavily loaded concrete floors. This tough sealer can stand up to the most strenuous industrial conditions and keep your surfaces looking great.

Tank with Corrosion and Sediment

Tank with corrosion and sediment

Tank after cleaning

After cleaning

tank after derusting

After derusting with Fertan

Tank after coating with Tapox

Tank after coating with TAPOX

Restoration of metal parts is easy with Fertan's Frame Coater Kit. Contact us to learn more.

restoration of metal parts - 4 steps

How to restore metal parts:

  1. Clean the surface with FERTAN silicon remover
  2. Treat the surface with FERTAN Rust Converter
  3. Wait 24 hours before rinsing it off with water
  4. Finish it off by applying FERTAN Epoxy Primer
  5. Enjoy your metal part.

Rust and corrosion can be found in cavities of the car body and other metal structures. A clear diagnosis and Fertan products can help to fix the problem.

cavity restoration

before and after Fertan's Rust ConverterRust and corrosion can be found in cavities of the car body and other metal structures. In order to get rid of it and prevent it from happening again, we need to understand why it happened in the first place. Only with a clear diagnosis will we be able to take action and fix
the problem.

If you want to clean and derust the box sections of a car, it is only possible if all the cavities are opened up. This means that the welds will also have to be repaired, which creates new problems because the new welds are unprotected.

Sealing an already-rusted box section using protection like paint or underseal will not stop the rust from continuing to damage the metal. In fact, it will just trap the rust and the damaging chemicals inside, making the problem worse in the long run. You need to remove the rust and the damaging chemicals from the car body before you do anything else.

Rust removal from brake discs and brake drums and coating of brakes with Fertan's FeDOGEL.

brake rotor restoration

Required tools and products:

  • Drill.
  • Crush attachment for the drill
  • Brake cleaner
  • FeDOGEL (500 ml for 4 brake disc/drums)
  • MM30 Coating Spray (400 ml for 4 brake disc/drums)
  • Safety goggles
  • Protective gloves
  • Work clothes

brakes step 1

Mechanical pre-cleaning of brake disc/drum

brakes step 2

WARNING: Wear protective goggles, gloves, clothing while working.

brakes step 3

Clean the brake disc/drum with brake cleaner.

brakes step 4

Remove the remaining rust with FeDOGEL and wash off with water.

brakes step 5

Cover the front surface to prevent contact corrosion, depending on the metal of the rim and hub, and grease lightly before mounting the wheel.

brakes step 6

Coat brake disc/drum with MM30 Multi Metal coating in crosswise direction, cover friction surface.

FERTAN Rust Converter is applied to clean chassis while it is still wet, by means of a spray gun or possibly by underbody gun.

underbody protection

cleaning underbody

After cleaning oil and degreasing, treat all critical areas on the subfloor with FERTAN Rust Converter.

underbody prep

Make sure the FERTAN Rust Converter is applied properly into overlaps, sheet metal couplings, frame connections etc.


Remove spring elements and open or closed body areas, such as tail lights, turn signals, etc. and also insert FERTAN into open frame openings for complete derusting.


After a reaction time of at least 24 hours ( 20° C ) or at the latest after 6 months, rinse thoroughly with water.

underbody ready

If the car is to be painted on the underbody, at first prime it and then paint it.

underbody view

If the vehicle is only used for exhibition purposes, this is sufficient, but if it is used, even if only during the summer months and in good weather, an additional light and transparent protection should be applied to the paint.
Apply a thin layer of UBS 240 to the wheel arches and also to the lower floor plate. This is then water-repellent and protects against light stone chips, etc. For optical reasons, apply the layer very thin ( ! ) with the spray can and let it dry for 1 – 2 days.

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