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Stop rust & corrosion permanently

As Featured in Grassroots Motorsports

Posted Feb 19th, 2023 in Media Room

Simple, inexpensive protection for our MR2’s undercarriage

Update by J.G. Pasterjak to the Toyota MR2 Turbo project car
Jan 5, 2023 | Toyota, MR2, Toyota MR2, Fertan

So many cars in our world fit into the same category as our 1991 Toyota MR2: They’re a little crusty underneath, but not bad enough or valuable enough to warrant a bare-tub restoration.

Or the other scenario: They’re destined for a life on track, where they’ll need some protection from rocks and debris while fending off further environmental damage.

Our Toyota certainly fit into both of these categories. It lived much of its life in New Jersey, and while it had no real structural rust, there was a lot of surface rust underneath along with some crust showing on brackets and attached hardware. It needed some attention, but a full restoration was not in the time, money or interest budget.

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