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Removal of Rust and Corrosion in folds and seams

Posted Feb 16th, 2023 in Client Stories, Resources

When restoring a car or metal of any kind, it is important to also protect the folds and seams. 

mustang restoration

The first step is to prepare the outer areas of the seam. The surface needs to be smooth so that the following treatments will look good. If there are any rust holes or pinholes, they need to be treated after the seams have been fixed. This is because if you treat them now, it might create problems when you apply filler, etc. There are two reasons why you should remove the inner lining of door seams. First, it is easier to work with. Second, soiling of the lining can be avoided.

FERTAN Rust Converter is sprayed onto the inner seam with a spray gun. The converter will partially penetrate the seam and come back out on the outside or at the lower part. To avoid any stains, wash off any residues of the FERTAN rust converter with water as soon as possible.

FERTAN should be allowed to react in the seam for 24 hours. After that, rinse the seam with plenty of clear water. You can also use a spray gun.

The water as well as dirt and dust run off through the water drain holes, which must be open.

If you want to fix cavities in hoods and doors, you will need a cavity gun. If you have a cavity pressure cup gun, that is even better. There are often small cavities on doors, hoods, trunk lids, etc., that cannot be reached with a normal gun. First spray FERTAN Rust Converter into the cavity using the hand gun with its smaller wand. After rinsing and drying, use FERTAN Cavity Protection Wax or FERTAN Corrosion Preventative Grease from the spray can. Wipe off excess and leaked wax or grease with a solvent-based cleaner or the FERTAN Industrial Strength degreaser.

Make sure you open the water drainage holes after treatment with wax or grease. This will allow water to drain off, for example from the window well.

If you have any rusty parts on the inside of your door, like on the window lift or lock, you can clean them using Rust Remover in a bath. Once they're clean, spray on a thin layer of Multi Metal Coating, wait 48 hours, and then spray on a thin layer of Underbody Protection Wax. You should also do this to the inside of the door leaf. This wax is not sticky and will not cause any problems if you need to do more work on the door. Underbody Protection Wax is also water resistant, which means that water flowing into the window well will not cause any further corrosion. If your car does not have a door trim, the Rust Inhibitor is the best solution.

If your door panels have corrosion, you can treat the external areas with a thin layer of FERTAN Epoxy Primer or Multi Metal Coating. This will help to prevent flash rust and protect the surface, even if the restoration takes a long time.

For more information, download the Restoration Guide HERE

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